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Our payment methods

Cash on delivery

Payment of the amount due in cash at the courier upon receipt of ordered products of the submitted address. In the presence of the courier is recommended:


    To open the consignment;

    To check whether the goods ordered meets your order;

    In the event of broken / damaged item record shall be prepared jointly by the courier.


DISCLAIMER: If you want the gift to be delivered to an address other than yours and if you choose this method of payment, we sent a courier first to you to pay for the order and then delivered to the second address previously indicated by the you on our site. Service is paid twice, according to the type of delivery chosen as the messenger successively visited two addresses.


Option to pay by card online with guaranteed security from Econt. Payments are protected by Visa and MasterCard security system. You can pay with a card issued in Bulgaria or abroad.

How it works?

When paying by card, the amount for the purchase and delivery of the goods is kept on the payer's account. The reserved amount is withdrawn after receipt and acceptance of the shipment. If the goods are returned or not claimed within 7 days, the amount reserved on the card is determined, without the amount for the courier services for receiving and returning the goods.

Bank transfer


Transfer the correspondingamount to ourbank account:

Modeska LTD

DSK Bank, IBAN:BG38STSA93000023139920, BIC:STSABGSF

Sofia city

Add the reason for payment the order number.

 DISCLAIMER: The start of the contract is considered confirmation that the client has transferred money to the account of Modeska LTD


To get the gift until the end of the day:


Upon payment by a foreign bank account need to pay bilateral bank charges (for your and our country).

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